Determination of the composition, nutritional value and evaluation of availability for human consumption of round gobies caught in the Baltic Sea.


Project no.: MT-17-17

Project description:

Contamination of round goby, caught in the Baltic Sea, by heavy metals (lead, cadmium mercury) was investigated, it’s chemical composition, nutritional and energy value was evaluated. The results of the research findings suggest that, compared with other fish caught in the Baltic Sea coast, round goby is safe and fairly valuable fish.

Project funding:

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Project results:

The results of the research will be used for the development of technologies for the production of human nutrition products from the round gobies, caught in Baltic Sea coast. The results will be widely used in public information and will help to expand the market for the sale of this widely distributed fish.

Period of project implementation: 2017-06-17 - 2017-12-01

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Raimondas Narkevičius

2017 - 2017

Food Institute