The Feasibility Study for the Impact of New EU, Codex Alimentarius and Other International Standards on Lithuanian Agriculture and Food Sector


Project no.: MT-15-40

Project description:

Analysis of projects of the EU, Codex Alimentarius Commission, EN ISO assigned to the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture. Presentation of the conclusions based on scientific research and experimental practice on the impact of analysed documents on the agriculture and food industry in Lithuania.
Presentation of suggestions for the formation of Lithuanias position in the working bodies of the EU and international organizations.

Project funding:

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Project results:

Proposals for a Regulation on the analysis and quality assessment of milk and milk products;
for Codex Standard drafts Dairy permeate powders (N16-2015) and processed cheese, Codex Standard for Mozzarella CODEX STAN 262-2006.
Scientific justification on the position of Lithuania was presented on the examined documents of Codex Alimentarius Commission and Committees for fat and oil, fruit and vegetable industry, documents relevant to food labeling.
13 suggestions on the standards of Sensory analysis were presented. A proposal for Lithuania was submitted to abstain from voting on the suspension of the activities of CEN / TC 425 Halal Food. Lithuania was included into the working group for the preparation of new ISO standard drafts ISO/WD 20613 Sensory analysis and ISO/NP 20784 Guidelines for justifying sensory and consumer opinion.
The dissemination of information (2 informative articles, 25 seminars and trainings, 568 participants) was carried out.

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Joana Šalomskienė

2015 - 2017

Food Institute